Our secure virtual food drive website allows you to select foods of certain cash values and add them to a shopping cart. Once your cart is full, proceed to the virtual checkout and pay with a credit card or a bank account. It’s that easy and it’s just like shopping online! A tax receipt is generated immediately upon purchase.

For every $5 that you donate, the Food Bank of Delaware can serve 20 meals

To donate online today, please click here.

It’s safe, simple and fun…and you can help feed hungry people in Delaware right from your computer.

There are advantages to donating via the virtual food drive over a traditional food drive:

The virtual food drive allows us to lower our costs because there are no transportation costs or volunteer hours needed. The dollars donated are worth more because we can save money through special partnerships with large food donors and by buying food items in bulk. The donations go towards purchasing the foods that traditional food drives don’t bring in, such as perishable items like fresh produce, meats and breads. Also, the virtual food drive is easy and fun to use! It’s just like shopping online and you’ll immediately know how many meals your donation has helped to provide.