Volunteer of the Year: James Buford

April 17, 2015

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  • Gary says:

    I’ll never forget the time in my life when I was a silnge mother. My daughter was just born and I was on the WIC program. I worked everyday as a paraprofessional for the schools in town doing everything I could to survive. There was nothing harder for me than to stand in the grocery line with people behind me as I pulled out the WIC coupons. I was so embarrassed. And a mere 1.5 years later God brought an awesome man into my life. One with a godly family. I came to know the Lord a year or 2 after meeting him. He has been my husband now for 11 years and what a provider he is. I love him so much and I thank God for bringing him into my life when he did. I have no idea the path I’d have gone down without him but I am sure it would’ve been a much more difficult life. God is good.

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