iStock_000013946551XLargecroppedwebWhen one ends… so does the other. 

School’s out. For many children, that means vacations, summer camp, fun at the pool and time with friends. However, for other children in our community summer means one thing: hunger. When school ends, so does access to nutritious school meals for many children in our community.

You see, many of the children in need throughout the state of Delaware participate in free or reduced breakfast or lunch programs at their schools. Now that school is out, their families need to provide two additional meals each day to nourish their children’s growing bodies. Which means putting an additional straight on an already-thinning wallet.

But that’s where you and the Food Bank of Delaware step in. You can help provide summer meals for our community.

There are many ways to help.

  • With every $10 you give, we can provide 20 meals
  • Volunteers are needed to help pack meals for kids at risk of hunger at the Milford Branch of the Food Bank of Delaware





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