On Friday, January 25, President Trump announce that government would be temporarily reopened until February 15 as leaders negotiate border security.  We are grateful that federal workers will be able to get back to work. We know they will not receive a paycheck or back pay immediately. We stand by ready to assist. Because February SNAP benefits were issued early, this could result in some households having as much as a two-month gap between benefits according to the issuance schedule. Food-insecure families already have to stretch their monthly food budgets and we know that SNAP benefits do not last the entire month – 90 percent of SNAP benefits are usually spent within the first three weeks of a month. The additional delay between issuance due to the shutdown will disrupt family budgets and many SNAP recipients are likely to need help filling this gap beginning in February and extending well into March.

There are two ways to help:

  1. Start a Neighbors Helping Neighbors Government Shutdown food drive. Click here for more information.
  2. Make a financial donation. For every dollar donated, we can provide two meals. Click here to make a secure online credit card donation.