Adult One-Session Program Brochure
Adult Multiple-Session Program Brochure

Exploring ChooseMyPlate:  An introduction to the USDA’s new icon called MyPlate.  Each of the five food groups is discussed in detail including portion sizes, daily recommendations, and the selection of nutrient rich foods.   Activities may include “MyPlate Bingo” or “MyPlate Jeopardy”. (One hour session)

Sugar Smarts: A visually engaging lesson in which participants measure the amount of added sugar in common foods in beverages.  Additional topics include identifying sugar content using food labels, the different names for sugar used by manufacturers, and the health benefits associated with a diet low in added sugar. (One hour session)

Be Food Safe: An introduction to the USDA’s four principles of food safety: clean, separate, cook, and chill.  Participants will be taught to recognize, correct, and prevent situations where food borne illness can occur. Activities include Food Safety Bingo.

Planning Healthy, Thrifty Meals: This is a lesson targeting parents and caregivers who are responsible for purchasing and preparing household meals.  Participants will discuss their approach for building well balanced, nutrition meals, as well as the many benefits to planning family meal time. (One hour session)

Fabulous Fruits / Versatile Veggies: A key message of the USDA’s MyPlate is to “make half your plate fruits and vegetables”.  Emphasizing the availability of local produce, strategies for buying, preparing, and preserving items from these two food groups will be discussed.

Smart Choices from the Start: This program addresses the needs of improving and maintaining healthy eating habits of pregnant women and their young families. The three, two hour sessions include an overview of the five food groups utilizing the newMyPlate, budget saving tips to plan and shop for healthy meals and a hands on cooking class. (Three, one-hour sessions) Click here for program brochure.

Smart Choices for WIC: Smart Choices for WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) is a skills and knowledge-building program utilizing the 2010 Dietary Guidelines and USDA MyPlate recommendations.  This program focuses on teaching pregnant and new mothers about healthy eating and how they can learn to prepare nutritious easy meals from the foods on their food vouchers. Classes are held at WIC clinics throughout the state and two WIC Farmers’ Markets. Learn more here.

Understanding the Food Label: Many consumers are confused by the nutritional information and health claims found on food labels.  This lesson will help parents and caregivers understand the language on food packages so that they can make good choices when purchasing for their families. (One hour session)

Spending Less, Eating Better:  Participants will share strategies for buying healthy, nutritious food for their families using a limited budget.  Topics include budget planning and thrifty shopping tips. (One hour session)