Children's Nutrition Education Programs Brochure

Click here for USDA’s Team Nutrition

ChooseMyPlate for Kids:  An overview of the USDA’s new MyPlate icon will review foods from the five food groups, including portions sizes and daily recommendations.  Activities may include “MyPlate Jeopardy”, “Pin the Fork on the Plate”, or “MyPlate Bingo.”

Snack Art: Children learn how to use fruits, vegetables, and other nutritious items to create “snack art.”  By creating animal faces and other objects out of food, children will discover a fun and appealing way to eat more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. (One hour session)

Lana the Iguana: LANA Preschool Program is a fun, effective, and hands-on approach to nutrition education. Kids play and learn at the same time, building the critical skills for making healthy eating choice. Click here for program brochure

Curtis’ Garden: The story of Curtis the Cat is read aloud and children are invited to taste freshly cut fruits and vegetables.  This lesson will emphasize local produce and the importance of fruits and vegetables in to a healthy diet.  It also encourages children to try new foods and start their own garden at home!

Fruit and Vegetable Bingo: Bingo is used to introduce children to many different and colorful fruits and vegetables that are available for them to eat. This activity encourages children to become familiar with locally grown fruits and vegetables and serving sizes. (One-hour session)

Kid C.H.E.F (Cooking Healthy, Easy Foods): Children, ages 8-12, are introduced to basic cooking skills as they are guided through the preparation of healthy, easy recipes.  Each session reviews one of the five main food groups and includes hands-on activities to reinforce the information covered.  Each child is given a kit containing cooking utensils, a toque (chef’s hat), apron, and oven mitt which they are allowed to keep at the completion of the program. (Five, one-hour sessions) 

Kickin’ it with Calcium: A three-day lesson highlighting the importance of including plenty of calcium in a child’s diet and making physical activity a priority each day.  Each lesson includes an interactive nutrition activity, an exercise demonstration, and a healthy, calcium-rich snack.  A physical activity kit containing a jump rope, stretch band, and yoga mat is given to each child which they are allowed to keep at the cmpletion of the program. (Three, one hour sessions)

Sugar Smarts: Children will measure out the amount of sugar in common foods and beverages in a class activity.  They will be taught how to identify the amount of sugar in these items using the nutrition labels and will discuss the advantages to limiting added sugar in the diet. (One hour session)