1. Identify adults who will be responsible for the overall effort (gathering donations, ordering from the Food Bank of Delaware, coordinating delivery to the school, safe storage, distribution, recordkeeping, etc.)

2. Secure school administration’s support for the project. The Food Bank of Delaware can come to the school to present and answer questions. The Food Bank requires an agreement signed by the school principal.

3. Identify location in the school where non-perishable foods will be stored and/or distributed from:

  • Is it secure from theft? tampering? contamination from chemicals, water, etc.?
  • Appropriately stored – clean, dry, cool, off ground, away from wall at least six inches
  • Is shelving needed? Cart to move food? Scale?

4. Devise a plan and schedule for distribution – what days? what times?

  • Consider requiring family/student (if in high school) to bring referral from counseling or administrative staff to get food
  • Protect their identities from other students/families
  • Protect their privacy in seeking emergency food assistance, in carring food home, etc.

5. Develop a plan to notify families/students and the school community about emergency food assistance now available at school.

  • When/how often?
  • Flyers? Posters? Articles in newsletter?
  • Staff meeting item to familiarize school staff so they can refer students they think may need food assistance

6. Consider enlisting student groups (clubs/classes) to work on the project

  • Organize food drives to refill shelves in the pantry
  • Students can sort and shelve foods, go through periodically to discard expired products

7. Recordkeeping – monthly data requested: simple intake form from each student, number of instances of service to student, pounds distributed at each instance of service (FBD will provide scale)

8. Referring for further food assistance – pantry workers should provide other food assistance information. The Food Bank of Delaware will provide Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program information, Delaware Helpline information and other community resources. Additionally, nutrition information will be provided.

For more information about opening an in-school pantry, please contact Naty Moreta-Wright, Newark Programs Manager, at (302) 444-8077 or nmoreta@fbd.org.