How can I start volunteering?
The best way to start volunteering is to download
the 302 Food Rescue Crew app, create an account,
and view available food rescues near you on the map.
The app will show you a preview of exactly where the
food needs to be picked up from, and navigation to
the dropoff location, so you can choose a rescue that
fits with your geographic location best! If you have
any questions while doing a rescue, our team is available
to help via phone call at (302) 444-8072.

Is there a step-by-step guide on how to conduct a food rescue?
Yes! Click here to view more detailed steps!

What type of commitment do I need to make as a volunteer? 
Pick up and deliver donations when your schedule allows!
This could be a once-a-month committment, once a week
or a schedule that works for you!

Can I bring my kids? 
Yes, involving the whole family makes for a great
community service and learning opportunity!

What is a food rescue and how does food get to this point?
There are so many reasons for food waste: food retailers (grocery stores, restaurants, etc.) have too much stock; fresher goods are delivered to replace what’s on the shelves; produce is too big, too small, or the “wrong” color for aesthetic standards. Typically, this food winds up being thrown out – instead, we “rescue” and deliver it to organizations that serve those in need!  At 302 Food Rescue, we define a “food rescue” as the action of picking up the food from the donating location, and driving it to a local nonprofit that serves individuals experiencing food
insecurity. These rescues are done by volunteers through the 302 Food Rescue app throughout the entire state of Delaware.

Can I get help loading/unloading my vehicle with donations?
It greatly varies by donor location if someone is prepared to help load a volunteer car. Please note, the 302 Food Rescue app will provide contact information for every pick-up and drop-off location so you may call ahead to request additional assistance. The app will also provide an estimated donation quantity so you know how many boxes/bags to expect to load. As a general rule of thumb, we have found small business partners very eager to assist volunteers with the loading process.

I have surplus food from my grocery store, restaurant, catering business or other food service company. How do I donate?
Thanks for your interest! If you have safe, consumable food, please click here to fill out pick up request form!

How did 302 Food Rescue get started? 
Knowing that there are more than 100,000 Delawareans having difficulties affording food and that more than 40 percent of food is wasted, Bayhealth, the American Heart Association and the Food Bank of Delaware partnered to make the app a reality – thanks to technology offered by Food Rescue Hero. Getting fresh, nutritious foods into the hands of those that need it most is central to this partnership. Not having enough nutritious food to eat puts people at increased risk for heart disease, obesity, and other chronic conditions. Food-insecure children are also at higher risk for developmental problems and mental health concerns.