Q. What is the Food Bank of Delaware?

A. Founded in 1981, the Food Bank of Delaware provides food for the hungry in the entire state of Delaware. We solicit, collect, purchase and store food from farmers, manufacturers, brokers, wholesalers, retailers and others in the food industry and redistribute it to nonprofit agencies that provide free food to the hungry.

Q. Where is the Food Bank of Delaware located?

A. The Food Bank of Delaware is headquartered in Newark, Delaware (222 Lake Drive, Pencader Corporate Complex, with a second location in Milford (1040 Mattlind Way) to serve Kent and Sussex Counties.

Q. How does the Food Bank of Delaware help hungry Delawareans?

A. We provide food and resources through a network of 536 hunger-relief program partners.  Our partners include food pantries, shelter or residential programs, social service agencies, emergency soup kitchens, children’s nutrition programs, schools and neighborhood and church distribution programs who reach low-income people in need.

Q. How does the Food Bank of Delaware get food?

A. Food manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, brokers, and food distributors donate millions of pounds of food and other grocery products to the Food Bank of Delaware each year. Our fleet of trucks travel up and down the Eastern Seaboard to pick up food from donors. Commercial trucks also haul in donations from food industry donors in the region and across the country that are tapped through Feeding America. Food industry donors make a variety of packaged, canned, perishable, and non-perishable foods, including poultry, pasta, cereal, produce, snacks and beverages, available to feed Delaware’s hungry. The Food Bank also receives food through generous individual community donors and groups, businesses and organizations that hold food drives throughout the year.

In order to ensure a consistent supply of certain food staples, the Food Bank of Delaware purchases food in large volumes.

Q. How is food distributed to hungry Delawareans?

A. When truckloads of donated food arrives at the Food Bank of Delaware, the food is unloaded, weighed, sorted, boxed, inventoried and added to a menu of items for our hunger-relief partners to order from. Partners come to the Food Bank of Delaware to obtain food from our menu or Shopper’s Choice area or request delivery of needed food supplies.

Q. How much food is distributed?

A. We distributed more than 8 million pounds of food last year.

Q. Who does the Food Bank of Delaware serve?

A. The Food Bank of Delaware provides food to food pantries, emergency shelters, low-income day care centers, after-school programs, senior centers, churches and other feeding programs.

Q. Does the Food Bank of Delaware sell food?

A. The Food Bank of Delaware does not re-sell any donated food. All food banks ask their agencies to contribute to some of the costs of operation by assessing a small “shared maintenance fee” on the dry goods that we warehouse and distribute to our agencies. By law, no individual client may be charged any amount whatsoever for food that has been donated for hunger relief. The Food Bank of Delaware monitors its agencies to insure that this never happens. We do purchase some of our warehouse inventory in bulk to meet demand. We are able to secure these items at bulk costs and pass the discount along to our member agencies.

Q. Where does the Food Bank of Delaware get its funding from?

A. We receive funding from a variety of generous funders: foundations, state and federal government, corporations, small businesses and individuals

Q. How do I hold a food drive?

A. Holding a food drive is a fun way to get involved in helping hungry Delawareans. Click here to view our Food Drive kit. All of the information to get started is right there.

Q. How can I become a hunger-relief partner?

A. Visit our potential hunger-relief partner page by clicking here.