Do you have hundreds of pounds
or just a few boxes or bags?

No matter the size we’ll use
your donation to feed Delawareans in need.

If you have safe, edible foods or food ingredients, we can find a way to use them. Whether you want to hold a food drive in your neighborhood, office or school, we’ll help you make sure your food drive is the best ever! Food drives are simple and easy.

Follow these simple steps to ensure a successful drive:

Want a collection barrel?
You may pick up a collection barrel at our Newark or Milford facilities!

For more information about hosting a food drive, please contact:

Sue DeNardo
Community Development Manager

Food Drive Tools

Virtual Food Drive

Food Drive Organization Kit

Holiday Most Wanted Food List

Social Media Graphics to Promote Your Drive


Please note, the Food Bank of Delaware cannot accept hard candy, lollipops, soda in cans and bottles, chocolate bars or pieces, gum and soft candy such as marshmallows, caramels, taffy, licorice, gummy items, savory snacks such as chips puffed cheese snacks, pork rinds and sweet snacks including cakes, cookies, donuts, ice cream, pastries and popsicles.