The Food Bank of Delaware’s success is dependent on the generosity of our funders.

Fiscal Year 2021 (July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021)

Statement of Activities

Support and Revenue
Public Support:
Contributions $11,450,665
Contributions – donated product$23,374,903
Contributions – capital campaign$374,707
Fees and grants from government agencies$649,0591
Total Support$41,690,866
Food Sales$626,220
Shared Maintenance$17,858
Shopper’s Choice$0
Membership Dues$0
Interest Income$7,922
Gain on Sale of Building$2,160
Realized and Unrealized Gains$1,114
Miscellaneous Income$67,230
Total Revenue$737,235
Total Public Support and Revenue$42,428,101
Program Services:
Food Distribution$28,087,877
Community Development$2,705,965
Total Program Services$30,793,842
Support Services:
General and Administrative$735,051
Total Support Services$1,950,940
Total Program Services and Support Services Expenses$32,744,782
Change in Net Assets$9,683,319
Net Assets – Beginning of Year$29,758,960
Net Assets – End of Year$39,442,279