The Backpack Program is currently operating in the following sites. If your child or a child you know is in need of assistance, please inquire with the student’s teacher. New sites are being added each week!


Annex C&FF
Aspira Academy
Bancroft School (The)
Bayard School (The)
Brader Elementary
Brennen School (The)
Brick Mill Elementary
Bridgeville Head Start
Brookside Elementary
Bunker Hill Elementary
Carrie Downie Elementary
Castle Hills Elementary
Cedar Lane Early Childhood
Charter School of New Castle
Claymont Elementary
Colonial Gardens Head Start
Cooke Elementary
DAPI – Glasgow HS
Delaware School for the Deaf
Dover High School
Dunbar Head Start

East Side Charter School
Eisenberg Elementary
Everett Meredith Middle
First State Montessori
Forest Oak Elementary
Gallaher Elementary
Gateway Lab School
George Read Middle
Greater Dover Boys & Girls Club
H.B. Dupont Middle
Heron Run Apartments
Highlands Elementary
Hodgson Vo-tech HS
Howard Vo-tech HS
Keene Elementary
Lancashire Elementary
Leasure Elementary
Lewis Dual Language Elementary
Linden Hill Elementary
Lorewood Grove Elementary
Louis L. Redding Middle

Maclary Elementary
Maple Lane Elementary
Marbrook Elementary
McCullough Middle
McKean High
McVey Elementary
Meadowood Program
Mote Elementary
Mt Pleasant Elementary
New Castle Elementary
Newark Charter Intermediate
Newark Charter Primary
Newark High
North Georgetown Elementary
North Star Elementary
Oberle Elementary
Odyssey Charter School
Orchard Church
Pleasantville Elementary
Richardson Park
Richardson Park Learning Center

Richey Elementary
Seaford Head Start
Shue-Medill Middle
Silver Lake Elementary
Smyrna Head Start
Southern Elementary
Springer Middle
St. Georges Vo-Tech High
Stubbs Elementary
Terry Center
Towne Pointe
Townsend Early Childhood
Townsend Elementary
Tracy Palmer Ministries
Warner Elementary
West Park Place Elementary
Western Sussex Boys & Girls Club
White Oak Head Start
William Penn High School
Wilmington Manor Elementary