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Building a brighter future, one can at a time!


Want to engage employees or group members through teamwork, camaraderie, and creativity, all while working to make a difference in the community? Then be a part of CANgineering!

Too many Delawareans are faced with a difficult decision – pay the rent/mortgage or buy a bag of groceries. In an effort to help stock the shelves and ensure that hungry Delawareans have access to healthy foods, the Food Bank of Delaware is hosting its annual CANgineering competition, a creative way to collect much-needed food and create a spirited competition in Delaware’s organizations.

CANgineering is a competition among Delaware organizations. Participants will hold food drives and compete to create sculptures out of the food items collected. A $100 per location registration fee will be required to cover costs related to transportation. Judging will take place the week of April 20.

During this time participating teams will coordinate organization-wide food drives; at the conclusion of the food drive teams will begin the build phase. Before the food drive begins it will be important for groups to determine a theme for each structure. The theme will dictate the types of food items needed to build. Teams may decide the duration of time needed to collect food and complete the build phase. All structures must be completed before April 17.

After all structures have been built, a team of judges will rate the builds on several different criteria, and pictures will be posted to the Food Bank of Delaware’s Facebook page for voting for a People’s Choice Award. Awards will be available for:

  • Best in show
  • Structurally Sound (the build with the most structural integrity i.e. not braced on a wall, free standing)
  • Best use of labels (for example, structures that have specific color scheme based on food labels), Best use of Food Bank’s most-needed items
  • Most-Needed Items (structures utilizing the largest variety of most-needed items)
  • Largest food drive donation (to be determined once all food items have been returned to the Food Bank for weighing).
  • People’s Choice (as the result of the social media voting campaign)
  • Most Creative
  • Honorable Mention

For more information about CANgineering, please contact Caitlin Custer, Donor Relations Manager, at (302) 292-1305 ext 253 or Click here for our tool kit!

To help spark some ideas for structure types, here are our most-needed items:

  • Peanut butter
  • Canned corn
  • Canned soups
  • Canned tuna fish, chicken, salmon and vienna sausage
  • Canned fruits (fruit cocktail, peaches, etc.)
  • Canned green beans
  • Canned peas
  • Canned dinners (spaghetti and meatballs, ravioli, etc.)