Students Shed Light on the Difficulty of SNAP Purchases

August 5, 2016

By Joanna Scatasti, Communications Intern 

Local high school juniors and seniors partaking in the EDGE Honor’s Program recently got to see exactly how difficult it is to buy a nutritious meal while using the limited amount that many SNAP recipients receive. Their assignment was to buy a nutritious meal with the allotted amount of money given.  This amount was anywhere from $5.00-$10.00.  The students were also given different scenarios in order to give themselves a little bit more insight on the daily struggles of many low-income households.

Ultimately, the students found it incredibly difficult to buy a healthy meal with such little money.  One group, whose budget was $5.11, was expected to buy a meal to be eaten by a senior citizen and their three grandchildren.  They ended up buying a pack of hot dogs, bread, and Greek yogurt. How is that supposed to keep a family of four full?  Other groups had a bit more money to spend, but no more than $2-$3. They were able to make that extra money stretch, but they too were unable to buyGSE 2 a completely nutritious, filling meal.

Alexis Omar, a University of Delaware student and EDGE program coordinator helped organize the project. “I would definitely do this activity again. It was amazing to see the students try to find affordable, healthy food, that can also be turned into a meal.  The students had a lot of fun and on the car ride to the grocery store; they were extremely excited.”

It’s important that our youth sees the adverse effects of poverty.  Too many Delawareans are struggling to make ends meet because of the little amount they are able to buy for their families.  Many Delawareans are faced with difficult decisions – buy groceries or pay the rent? Buy groceries or pay for medications? Buy groceries or fill the gas tank in order to get to work? These challenges are very real for our neighbors in need.GSE 3

Activities like the Grocery Shopping Experience are important for all students to experience so that they are able to fully understand how difficult it is for struggling families to stay full.   Perhaps with their new knowledge, our local EDGE Honor’s students will be able to ignite a change!

Want to make a difference in our community? Volunteers are always needed at the Food Bank of Delaware! To learn more about volunteering, please visit

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