One of our strategic goals is to transform lives by focusing on economic empowerment through workforce development. We can make a meaningful impact on the lives of adults with disabilities through S.T.E.P.!


The Food Bank of Delaware is seeking to better integrate people with disabilities into our workforce.

The STEP team identified jobs traditionally done by volunteers or tasks that can be carved out of employees’ responsibilities to provide opportunities to people with disabilities. Once hired they are provided support to be successful in their roles.

The new initiative fosters diversity and inclusiveness by empowering and employing people with disabilities within our organization.

Participants engage in structured activities that align with their job functions and activities. STEP Leads assist participants, called STEP Associates, with learning job tasks and workforce behaviors.

S.T.E.P. Associates  work at the Food Bank of Delaware in the following areas:

  • Discover Cafe
  • Food Bank Farm
  • Healthy Pantry Center
  • Office Support
  • Warehouse/Facilities






According to the USDA, in 2020 adults with disabilities experienced food insecurity at more than twice the rate of adults who were not disabled.

The employment rate of people with disabilities is much lower than that of those without disabilities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in September 2021 the unemployment rate of people with disabilities ages 16-64 was 9.7 percent compared to 4.7 percent among those without disabilities.

This employment rate exists despite many people with disabilities having the ability and desire to gain employment. Many people with disabilities leave school without community based vocational training that would prepare them for integrated competitive employment.

Thanks to S.T.E.P., participants will obtain skills to aid in acquiring competitive employment, either as an employee of the Food Bank or in the community.


Tee Sanders
Specialized Training Director
(302) 292-1305 ext 138