Young volunteers creative – and refreshing – ways to help

August 6, 2020

We value our volunteers at the Food Bank of Delaware, and in fact we like to say that volunteers are the heart and soul of our organization. While most of our volunteers assist by packing sorting at both our Newark and Milford sites, some are quite innovative in how they help us meet the needs of food-insecure Delawareans.

Smyrna-area resident Joy Wood, along with her son Levi, 10, have volunteered at the Food Bank’s Milford location. Her younger son, Logan, 6, was too young; age 7 is the minimum age for volunteers.

Earlier this summer, Logan, a student at Providence Creek Academy, decided he wanted to set up a lemonade stand in their driveway; his mother asked him to pick a charity that could benefit from his efforts.

He selected the Food Bank of Delaware. “He was aware of other children at his school getting food through the Food Bank,” she said.

With the help of his brother, who will attending Clayton Intermediate School, and some social media advertising, his mother deemed the stand was a success. “They did pretty well, and it was fun,” she added.

Logan, she said, is looking forward to volunteering with his brother and mom when he’s old enough. “We really enjoyed the experience there, and we’ll go back. It was well organized, and Aaron (Milford’s volunteer coordinator) was great. We helped pack boxes, and we hope to volunteer again soon. It also brings awareness to why there are food banks.”

Last year, we had 15,947 volunteer visits yielding 41,359 donated hours, or the equivalent of almost 20 full-time staff. Visit for all volunteer opportunities.

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