Calvary Church: A Beacon of Hope

January 15, 2021

Calvary Church in Dover has been serving the hungry in Kent County for 43 years. Under the leadership of Benevolence Director, Margaret Young, Calvary Church is a lifeline for so many individuals, including 92-year-old Lois.

“They assist with everything in my life,” she points out. “Every aspect of my life they have assisted. I never thought I would be in a position where I would have to come get food.”

A retired nurse, Lois spent 4.5 years in the Navy as a Navy Flight Nurse, 30 years as an emergency room nurse and 14 years as a county nurse in the Appalachians.

“I had raised three grandchildren. We got them when they were four, five and six,” she says. “When they were eight, nine and 10, I lost my husband, so I had to raise them alone. That’s why I took the job in the Appalachians. Raising them took all of my retirement money.”

Utilizing the services of Calvary Church means Lois can purchase medications and eat.

“If it weren’t for getting the food, I don’t know what I would do,” she explains. “It was either go hungry or get your medicine.”

Before an $8 raise to her social security payment, Lois received $15 a month in SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits. Now, with the raise, she is a dollar over from qualifying for SNAP benefits.

“That $15 in food stamps [SNAP] went quite a way at Produce Junction,” she says.

Thankfully, Calvary can asssist with meeting some of her nutritional needs.

In addition to helping with her nutritional needs, Calvary also helps with Lois’ spirtual and mental needs.

“I spoke to Margaret one time about having a crochet club, and she was very open to that. We did 250 hats for the homeless and others. We went on to baby blankets and prayer shawls. I really enjoyed that… mentally, that helped me.”

For individuals like Lois, Margaret and Calvary are a ray of hope during difficult times.

“If it weren’t for Calvary and Margaret… I don’t know where I would be – emotionally, mentally, medicine wise, food wise – they have helped. They never say no. I didn’t have money to pay electric one month and it was paid. Not only did they do that with me, they do that with so many others that they help,” Lois says.

“We at Calvary just really love serving our community,” Margaret explains. It’s very much who we are. We enjoy helping others, providing for their needs. We extend kindness and charity to everyone we meet. At Calvary we just truly love our neighbors and our state.”

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