Food Bank’s delivery program helps neighbors who fall between the cracks

November 19, 2021

Some circumstances contributing to food insecurity are not always obvious to those who are in good health, have family support, and transportation. For example, Joan’s challenging situation is not unique. The 60-year-old Elsmere resident became physically disabled six years ago when a rare kidney infection and extended hospitalization left her unable to walk, despite a stay in a rehabilitation facility.

Fortunately, she is now connected to the Food Bank of Delaware’s home delivery service, and feels her weekly food box offsets the on-going challenges she’s been facing.

About a year ago, Joan fell and broke a femur – the long thigh bone – and spent another three months in rehabilitation; the bone is not healing even though she had a rod surgically implanted. She required a second surgery in September. “I have a lot of limitations; I haven’t recovered. I can’t drive, so I have to pay a driver because although I get disability, I don’t qualify for Medicaid,” she explained.

Before becoming completely homebound, there were times when Joan able to go to a grocery store using a cane, but bringing bags of groceries into her home was not safe; she struggled to navigate a ramp using the cane and carrying bags.

She experimented with a home delivery service, but felt like she was not eating healthy meals. “I have diabetes and high cholesterol. I need a knee replacement, but my diet has to improve. I need to lose 50 pounds first. I just learned to cook,” Joan said.

“The food box will help me plan a healthier diet. And I’m very grateful to find out the Food Bank makes deliveries. I’m alone, and my friends work during the day. I want people to know about my situation and how this helps. I’m on a fixed income, but with my disability checks, I don’t qualify for Medicaid; Medicaid helps with dental, vision, and transportation. I’m in that gray area, and I don’t qualify,” Joan added.

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