New partnership with Amazon: food delivery benefits most vulnerable

August 27, 2020

The Food Bank of Delaware distributes emergency food to Delaware residents through drive-thru Healthy Pantry Centers at both the Newark and Milford sites. But what if a client does not have access to transportation and can’t use this service? Thanks to a new partnership with Amazon, these clients can have food boxes delivered to their door once a week.

The Amazon deliveries have been a lifesaver to Henry Green, a visually impaired Wilmington resident. Mr. Green is blind, and he became unemployed after his former employer – a non-profit agency – shuttered its doors, leaving Mr. Green relying on SNAP benefits to feed himself and his two daughters, ages 13 and 16.

“We only got a little food stamps, and we really had to ration to make sure the food lasted a month,” he said. So, he was quite relieved when his personal attendant coordinator told him about the Food Bank’s food delivery opportunity about a month ago.

“It has really helped to have the food delivered,” said Mr. Green. Each Thursday, his family receives a box containing non-perishables, plus fresh fruit and vegetables. “It lasts through the week,” he added.

The Food Bank’s Executive Coordinator Iskeisha Stuckey got the program rolling after receiving an email with Amazon’s offer to deliver food to people unable to pick it up themselves. Stuckey reached out to state case workers who in turn provided the client connections. “We know there are people out there who need help. It’s been growing really fast; we’re already up to 72,” she said. She expects the program to expand since Amazon just purchased a refrigerated van which will allow meat delivery.

Stuckey emails clients every week to confirm a delivery is needed or expected. “Most people have been very positive about it,” she added.

Mr. Green is especially positive, and says that in addition to food delivery, he appreciates the open communication. “I’m very grateful for the program getting started. Times are hard with the pandemic and all. I’m grateful for the delivery step up; it’s hard for me to get transportation, and I appreciate the staff take the time to communicate and to help me,” he said.

To learn more about Food Bank of Delaware programs, click here.

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