Pandemic’s impact leaves family without employment, food, and transportation

April 8, 2022

Many families continue to navigate challenges – beyond the virus itself – associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Wendy, a Claymont mother of two, remains positive despite the situation her family of four faces daily.

Her husband lost his job early in the pandemic, but his unemployment checks kept their family afloat until November. Things changed again when that support ended, and their car was no longer reliable. While Wendy’s husband was searching for a new job, the family still needed food. Wendy started an online search that led her to the Food Bank of Delaware; she was grateful to learn that we offer a home-delivery service to our neighbors who lack transportation.

“It certainly helps. Even though we’re getting SNAP, it fills in the gaps,” she said.

Since December, Wendy and her family have been receiving weekly food boxes, and the delivery also includes backpacks – or weekend meals – for the two children. Backpacks are stocked with kid-friendly nutritious food, including shelf-stable milk and juice, as well as meals such as macaroni and cheese, spaghetti and meatballs and beef stew. Granola bars, apple sauce, and cereal are often included.

“They love them, and they look forward to it,” said Wendy, who homeschools her children. “The kids can sleep with something in their bellies. And it helps with the stress of living with no money. Now we’re not having to ask people for money.”

Wendy added that her husband got a call earlier in the week informing him that he will start onboarding for a new job.

Meanwhile, Wendy expressed her appreciation: “I really want to thank you for your services,” she said.

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