Volunteer Spotlight: Tyler Cavanaugh

June 24, 2015

By Chris Willis, Communications Intern


The success of the Food Bank of Delaware is in large part thanks to our dedicated volunteers. One of those dedicated volunteers is Tyler Cavanaugh. Tyler is an 18- -year-old student who currently attends Glasgow’s, James H. Groves High School. He is volunteering his time to fulfill the needed credits to graduate, but is fully committed to making a difference in our community. Tyler is a hard working volunteer that has proven to be a leader in the Newark volunteer room. He is inspiring others to take initiative and make the commitment to ensure that Delawareans’ basic needs are met.

Tyler chose the Food Bank of Delaware as his organization of choice because of its convenient location. With the Newark location being close to home, Tyler felt that the Food Bank could help achieve his goals. Thanks to other volunteers, Tyler has gained many fond moments here.

“Meeting everyone has become a very cool thing,” he said. :”There are a lot of great personalities here which makes me look forward to coming in.” For individuals considering volunteering at the Food Bank of Delaware, Tyler advises, “Do it…it’s a great opportunity to volunteer here, it’s a great environment and, in my opinion, one of the best places to volunteer.”

When Tyler is here volunteering, he typically packages up food products into boxes. The boxes are categorized by food groups. This allows Food Bank of Delaware partners to easily order off our weekly menu. Once the boxes are packed, he takes them into the warehouse on a pallet jack.

Food Bank of Delaware volunteers will see many food products, some common and others different. Tyler says his favorite Food Bank food packing group is snacks and desserts for the simple reason – he craves junk food! That’s okay though, Tyler knows the portions he should eat with the gained knowledge from the Food Bank of Delaware.

Thank you, Tyler, for all the great work you have done. A special thanks to all of our other volunteers that do a hard day’s work also!

To learn more about volunteer opportunities at the Food Bank of Delaware, visit www.fbd.volunteerhub.com!

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