‘I get it now; I see why it’s so hard.’: Crime victim needs healthy, healing food

October 18, 2022

Many people who receive assistance from the Food Bank of Delaware simply can’t afford the food they need, not just to survive but to overcome medical situations. Jessica, a Wilmington resident, asked for anonymity as she explained why she “needs good produce to heal.”

She registered online to receive a free weekly box that contains fresh fruits and vegetables, mainly those grown on the Food Bank’s five-acre farm in Newark.

“I need to eat good. That’s how I heal,” Jessica said.

This 22-week program, explained Community Farm Coordinator John O’Connor, is grant funded. “It’s a first-come, first-serve basis… Participants pick up from both the Milford and Newark facilities and they [boxes] are also delivered through Amazon,” he said.

Until about a year ago, she was like many who contributed financial support to the Food Bank. “I used to send a check, $35 or $50, whenever I could. I thought I was doing enough. But then I was a victim of a felony assault; I was attacked by a stranger in my workplace. I needed emergency surgery on my neck and spinal column.” And while she continues her recovery from this violent attack, Jessica knows she is facing a second surgery.

“I have no savings left. I cut expenses. I am a homeowner; I was a goody-two shoes. I had a career for 24 years, and I thank you very much for this good, healthy food,” she said.  “I’ve just started driving again. I have permanent spinal cord damage, and I’m still with a psychologist. I’m just trying to be myself again. Times are tough. I have no clue how long this recovery will be. I’m waiting for court. I’m going to the food drive on Friday. I used to write a check and be done. I get it now. I see why it’s so hard.”

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