Thank you x1000 — The end of my summer internship

August 22, 2019

By Kate Grabowski, Communications Intern

For the past few days I have been struggling to write this blog post. How would I summarize the amazing summer I had in just a few paragraphs? How would I be able to truly thank all the people that made my time at the Food Bank of Delaware so wonderful and transformative?

Standing outside the front doors of 222 Lake Drive on my first day, I had no idea what my summer internship at the Food Bank of Delaware had in store for me. I was excited by the prospect of learning new things and meeting new people over the next three months. As well as being nervous about entering a new environment and the possibility of messing up. However, these worries soon disappeared and my excitement was confirmed as I began my time on the other side of the Lake Drive doors.

Over this summer I have gained many things—I learned how to interview and write stories about people, I improved my writing and interpersonal communication skills, and, most importantly, I have learned how crucial people are to the success of a workplace.

I would not have had the summer I had without the people that make the Food Bank of Delaware the extraordinary place it is. Without Kim Turner, the Communications Director and my boss, I would not have had the opportunity to become more confident in myself, expand my skills, and transform into the independent woman I am today. Without Michael, I would not have had someone to ask all my annoying questions. Without Ms. Lisa, I would not have had a smiling face to wave to every morning and afternoon. And without every single person at the Food Bank of Delaware, I would not have had a summer filled of laughs that I will truly remember forever.

Thank you Food Bank of Delaware for the best summer ever, I will definitely be back.

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