WIC demo tempts moms’ taste buds, offers nutritionally sound options

November 26, 2018

The Food Bank of Delaware offers more than a hand-up to Delawareans dealing with food insecurity. Through community outreach, our trained educators provide nutrition education, including cooking demonstrations – complete with tasty samples.

Earlier this month, WIC Education Specialist Chong Yi visited a pregnancy group that meets weekly at Connections’ Dover site. Connections is a non-profit agency which offers a wide range of services, including, but not limited to, housing, replacement therapy for addiction, outpatient health care, and employment opportunities.

On the morning of the Food Bank’s visit, Chong showed about a dozen moms – some of whom brought their infants – how to make a tasty yogurt parfait using food that can be purchased through WIC vouchers: yogurt, unsweetened cereal, and fresh fruit.

WIC is a federal program which provides nutrition and breastfeeding support for pregnant women and for their children up to age 5. Approved foods include, but are not limited to whole wheat bread, juice, milk, cheese, tofu, beans, and infant formula, for example.

When Chong told the group she was going to make a yogurt parfait, she had their attention.

“It provides protein, carbohydrates, and fat,” she told them. She used store-brand corn chex cereal, yogurt, plus an apple and strawberries she chopped in preparation for the demonstration.

Chong showed the women how to layer the ingredients into a cup; first, the yogurt, then, the cereal, and fruit on top.

“It’s quick to make, and it could be breakfast or a snack,” she said.

Group members stepped up one by one to take their sample as Chong explained that the parfait – deemed delicious – also contained vitamin C, folic acid, calcium, and vitamin D.

The parfait concept, Chong said, was not limited to the specific ingredients she brought. She suggested variations using oatmeal (also on the WIC food list) or other fruits.” In addition, the same ingredients could be used for a smoothie.

The 30-minute demonstration received enthusiastic reviews.

“I wouldn’t have known about this without the Food Bank,” said one mom.

“This was fantastic and informative. She is an exceptional parfait maker,” said another mom.

Visit www.fbd.org for more information about the programs and resources provided by the Food Bank of Delaware.

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