Culinary School helps students realize their dreams

September 29, 2020

Bradford Marx arrived at the Food Bank of Delaware’s Culinary School with some prior experience in industry: he worked as a sous chef in Maryland before relocating to Lewes.

The Culinary School is a 14-week program for unemployed, underemployed, reentering citizens, individuals with disabilities and those in career transition that teaches basic and high-end kitchen skills, ServSafe® training, and life skills, culminating with a – week paid work experience. In FY19, 70 students graduated from the Culinary School.

After reading about The Culinary School’s 14-week program, Marx decided to dive in as a full-time student. “My dream is to become a prep cook, at least. I hope I can get a job,” he said.

Going to school during a global pandemic and following COVID-19 caution guidelines is fraught with challenges for students and their instructors.

While Marx is enrolled in the workforce redevelopment program at the Milford site, he attends classes remotely via Zoom. Two days a week – for a few hours each of those days – he’s actually in the Food Bank’s commercial kitchen for lab work. It’s an opportunity for some hands-on instruction with Chef Tish.

“It’s an easier time for me with the labs,” he said, noting that the experience helps him manage the quizzes.

Marx notes that he struggles with ServSafe ®, and hopes he’ll be able to master that challenge prior to graduation in mid-October.

Click here to learn more about the Food Bank of Delaware’s workforce development opportunities.

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