Culinary School Spotlight: BB Harris

July 26, 2023

By Isheta Kulshreshtha, Bank of America Student Leader

Delaware’s culinary scene has gained a talented and passionate baker in the form of Bashirah Harris, also known as BB. Originally from Texas, BB’s journey led her to Delaware four years ago, where she discovered her love for baking. She now embarks on her culinary journey through the Food Bank’s 14-week Culinary School.

BB’s journey in the culinary arts began when her mother, recognizing her daughter’s passion for baking and entrepreneurial aspirations, sought out programs for her during her high school years. It was through her mother’s support that BB learned about the Culinary School she would eventually join. With her sights set on becoming a skilled baker and establishing her own business, BB eagerly embraced the opportunity.

While BB’s inclination towards baking has always been strong, she discovered an unexpected love for connecting with people while cooking. She humorously says, “you’ll actually hear a lot of noise in the kitchen.” BB describes the bustling sounds and vibrant energy in the kitchen as an essential part of her culinary journey, creating an environment where she feels most at home.

Among the BB’s many culinary creations BB, one stands out as her favorite: hollandaise sauce. This classic and challenging sauce holds a special place in her heart because of its complexity and her fondness for its taste.

BB emphasizes that the culinary program has had a profound impact on her life. It has served as a catalyst for her entrepreneurial dreams, inspiring her to start her own business. BB proudly shares her culinary creations on social media, showcasing her talent and passion. Recently, she had the opportunity to visit Serpes Bakery, where she observed cake and cupcake designs, further fueling her creativity and determination.

BB’s next goal is to obtain her ServSafe certification, which will allow her to continue building her business while maintaining the highest standards of food safety. One of BB’s distinct visions for her business is incorporating natural sweetness into her creations. Through her education at the Culinary School, she has learned to utilize natural ingredients, and she is now applying this knowledge to her baking business. This commitment to healthier options adds a unique touch to BB’s creations.

Looking ahead, BB has set her sights on attending the University of Delaware’s business school. By merging her passion for baking with business, BB aims to lay a solid foundation for her bakery and make a lasting impact in Delaware’s culinary landscape.

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