Culinary School Spotlight: Glenn Coleman

July 15, 2019

Glenn Coleman and his Newark culinary school classmates are currently in week ten of their 14 week training program.

The Culinary School is part of the Food Bank of Delaware’s workforce development initiative and provides valuable job training to adults. The 14-week program includes 12 weeks of hands-on training in basic and high-end kitchen skills, safe food handling and life skills.

“The interest has always been there,” Glenn explains, “But I never actually pursued it.”

A recent high school graduate, Glenn never thought that a career in the food service industry was an option for him until he started taking classes at the Food Bank in May.

Working under the guidance of Executive Chef Tim Hunter and Chef Instructor Derrill Stewart, Glenn is learning the ins and outs of the food service industry.

“I used to just go in the kitchen and chop, I never knew the technique,” he points outs

Thanks to intensive knife skills training, Ray now understands the technique that goes into the perfect knife cut.

In addition to knife skills, he is learning about different types of stocks, the five mother sauces and much more.

He describes Chefs Tim and Derrill as mentors who are “pushing him.” “They are having a good impact and are good role models to follow after,” he says.

In two weeks, Glenn and his classmates will begin their two week work experience before graduating on August 15. Upon graduation, Glenn hopes to secure a job in a restaurant where he can stay for several years to learn as much as he can.

Five years from now, he hopes to be progressing in his career.

For students uncertain about pursuing The Culinary School, Glenn’s advice, “Just do it. “I was the same way. I never through I would go to The Culinary School and have this opportunity.”

Interested in a career in the food service industry? The next class of The Culinary School in Newark and Milford begins on Tuesday, September 3. Click here to learn more! 

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