Culinary School Spotlight: Rae’sheed Deshields

July 26, 2023

By Matthew Onyango, Bank of America Student Leader 

Rae’sheed’s journey in the culinary world began at the young age of 22 when his passion for cooking led him to the Food Bank of Delaware. With a desire to become a chef, he eagerly embraced the opportunity to pursue his dream in the kitchen.

One of his earliest culinary experiences at the Food Bank was during his first week, when he prepared a Southern-style Ham Pie infused with Scrapple, a meat he was familiar with from his hometown of Laurel in southern Delaware. With his creativity and skill, Rae’sheed aimed to be recognized as a talented cook, always striving to bring a radiant touch to every dish he served.

The path that led him to the Food Bank began with a recommendation from his counselor at the local public center. Intrigued by the prospect of honing his cooking skills, Rae’sheed wasted no time in joining the program. He had already developed a fondness for cooking, and this opportunity presented a chance to further his culinary career.

When asked about his favorite part of the program, Rae’sheed didn’t hesitate to mention his love for cooking. While tests might not be his preferred aspect, he acknowledged the importance of learning about ServSafe, a food safety certification, and expressed gratitude for the wealth of new knowledge provided at the Food Bank. Participating in the program has been transformative for Rae’sheed. It has allowed him to elevate his cooking abilities to new heights, gaining recognition and respect from others in the kitchen. Collaborating with fellow aspiring cooks of similar skill levels has provided him with invaluable experience and an opportunity to learn and grow alongside his peers. Rae’sheed’s journey at the Food Bank of Delaware has been a stepping stone toward achieving his dream of becoming a renowned chef. 

With each dish he prepares and every skill he hones, he moves closer to fulfilling his aspirations and leaving a lasting impression on the culinary world. His signature dish is his steak and mashed potatoes with macaroni and cheese. He reminisces to the plethora of dishes he makes. He is able to narrow it down to just the most flavorful, filling dish that his mom loves the most. In my 5 minute interview with Rae’sheed, I was able to learn about a committed, talented young man who dedicates his cooking to his upbringing.


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