Culinary School Spotlight: Terin Cochran

July 26, 2023

By Alicia Chu, Bank of America Student Leader

When asked why he wanted to join the Food Bank of Delaware’s Culinary School, football and basketball player Terin Cochran explained, “I joined this program because I wanted to learn more about cooking. I wanted to learn the ins and outs of the kitchen. I also wanted to learn how to be safer when preparing food. I come from an athletic background so I’m pretty new. I’m just taking it all in and learning everything I can.”

What have been some of the differences you’ve experienced between being a chef vs. being an athlete? “I went from being captain of my team, and I went from knowing pretty much everything about the sport, to now, barely knowing the basics of cooking,” Cochran says, “So I’ve flipped roles, I was a leader and now I’m a learner.”

Cochran is one of nine students currently enrolled in the Food Bank of Delaware’s 2023 summer Culinary School. The Food Bank of Delaware’s Culinary Schools – one in Milford and one in Newark – offer a 14-week daytime culinary training program. Student tuition and supplies are paid through grants and generous donations. The training includes 12 weeks of on-site classroom and kitchen instruction, including the opportunity to complete ServSafe ® certification. The final two weeks are dedicated to a two-week paid internship, usually leading to employment in the culinary industry.

What has been your favorite part of the program? “The knowledge that I’ve gained since I’ve begun. And I like the chefs too, they’re very helpful and funny so it’s a good experience.”

After the 14 weeks, Cochran plans to get a job through the Food Bank work experience learning how to keep up with pacing in the kitchen. He mentions that he wants to “start [his] own thing (cooking hopefully), nothing super crazy but we’ll see where it goes.” 


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