Culinary School Spotlight: Tyrone Martin

July 26, 2023

By Isheta Kulshreshtha, Bank of America Student Leader

From the heart of Dover, Delaware, Tyrone Martin, aged 38, found himself with a desire to enhance his skills in the kitchen. Tyrone’s journey is a testament to the power of seizing opportunities. Through the program, he has not only discovered a renewed passion for cooking but has also gained the ability to provide for his family and potentially develop a career in the culinary world.

Tyrone stumbled upon the program when he noticed a brochure hanging in his local area. Intrigued by the prospect of learning how to cook, he recognized it as the perfect opportunity to dive into something new and enriching. With excitement, he wasted no time and signed up for the program, eager to embark on a new journey.

For Tyrone, the culinary arts program has become a gateway to a world of flavors and techniques. Every day presents a new opportunity to cook something different, allowing him to explore a wide range of culinary delights. Whether it’s experimenting with new foods, perfecting classic recipes, or creating innovative dishes, Tyrone finds joy and fulfillment in the diverse culinary experiences the program offers. While Tyrone finds joy in cooking a variety of dishes, he particularly enjoyed making pizza and Krispy Kreme donuts in the kitchen.

The culinary arts program has had a profound impact on Tyrone’s life. He has not only learned how to cook but has also acquired the skills necessary to make life easier for his family. Being able to prepare delicious meals has become a source of pride and joy for Tyrone, and he now feels equipped to contribute to his household and provide nourishment for his loved ones. Moreover, he sees the potential for his newfound skills to open doors to financial stability, as he envisions a job at a restaurant or even starting his own culinary business in the future.

Among the many dishes Tyrone has learned to prepare, one stands out as his signature creation: jambalaya. In his own words, this was a dish “he mastered” in the kitchen. He “always wanted to make it and finally got it” after much practice and guidance from the Culinary School. This achievement not only marks a personal milestone but also symbolizes Tyrone’s determination and dedication to honing his culinary skills.

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