Culinary Student Spotlight: David Faison

May 16, 2016

By: Lindsey Hargett: Communications Intern

David Faison, who goes by Faison, dreams of owning his own line of food trucks across Delaware. To make that dream a reality, he enrolled in The Culinary School at the Food Bank of Delaware.

“I have always enjoyed cooking, but I wanted to take it further. I wanted to have the knowledge and skills to make my food truck a success,” he said.

Before starting at The Culinary School, Faison worked in demolition for a large company. Ready for a change, he decided to follow his passion and enroll. Faison’s plan is to start off with three food trucks – non-pork, Italian and a seafood truck. He wants to start locally and eventually expand across the state of Delaware.

“One of the reasons I go by my last name is because that is what people know me by,” he explained. “You have to start where you are from and then I want to expand my food business all over the state and have people from all over eating my food. That is the dream.”

When asked what he wanted most out of his culinary school experience, Faison said his ServSafe certification.

“When I am hired, I am going to be ready and will be prepared to do everything properly in the kitchen,” he said.

“It is crazy some of the things I have seen in kitchens, with people who are not ServSafe ready,” he said, “ServSafe is so important to have when working in the culinary industry.”

One of Faison’s favorite recipes learned so far is mirepoix

Mirepoix is a combination of celery, carrots and onions and is used to flavor sauces and stocks.

Faison explained that stock is used in such a variety of foods. Most do not realize how much it is used in such a wide variety of food. Making stock is a great basic skill to have.

He also loves grilling lamb.

“I love challenging myself in the kitchen that is why I love grilling lamb so much,” he said. “It is best served medium rare and it can be tricky to get it at the perfect temperature, but that is what is so great about The Culinary School, you learn the basics but also the more complicated stuff, you come out well-rounded.”

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