Disabled grandmother, grandchildren benefit from home deliveries

October 28, 2021

Like many of our neighbors, New Castle resident Lorraine handles daily struggles with a grateful heart and a positive attitude. Although Lorraine is disabled, at one time she drove to the Food Bank of Delaware’s Newark site – or a mobile pantry – to pick up food boxes for her household. In addition to her own challenges, she’s also raising two school-age grandchildren.

“Then I had problems with my vehicle,” she said. “I stopped going because I couldn’t always find a person to take me.” She was happy to learn that the Food Bank now offers home delivery to those who need it.

The food she receives is not just for her. “My grandson is 13; he’s 6 foot tall, 200 pounds, and he’s always hungry. He eats everything in sight,” she said, and her chuckle indicates a strong sense of humor despite the hardship. “It’s a struggle, and it was more before he was permanent. I didn’t get any assistance.”

Lorraine receives personal help from an aide during the day, but says she usually prepares dinners for her family. “The program really does help people like me with limited resources. It’s a benefit. At some point in life, we all need help, especially when our needs exceed our finances. I hope people use it in a positive way and not take advantage of it. I do get frustrated when I see parents spend money on things, but don’t feed their child. Your child shouldn’t go hungry.”

This neighbor is a person who also pays the benefits forward. “Sometimes there are things I can’t use. I don’t eat rice, but I give it to a neighbor – someone who can use it. I don’t waste; I donate,” she said.

To learn more about ways the Food Bank of Delaware can help, please click here.

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