Eat Smart Live Strong at the Harrington Senior Center

February 15, 2023

Learning can be fun at any age, especially when it’s all about healthy lifestyles and food! Healthy food choices and increased physical activity are goals for the Food Bank of Delaware’s  4-week Eat Smart Live Strong program. Participating seniors  focus on goal setting, goal tracking, goal reaching in order to healthier create lifestyles. The free hour-log, interactive classes are presented by the Food Bank of Delaware’s nutrition educators.

Last week, Alicia, one of our educators, launched the first of the series to six very enthusiastic seniors at the Harrington Senior Center. Alicia opened the class with some gentle, low-impact warm-up activities; students had the option of participating from a chair or standing.

“Exercise is a key component,” Alicia said, noting that 30 minutes of daily activity “builds strength, improves strength and flexibility. It’s very important in case of a fall,” she said. She told students they did not have to do 30 minutes of exercise at one time; activity – such as walking, swimming, or dancing — could be divided into three 10-minute sessions throughout the day, for example.

Students also learned how to incorporate more vegetables and fruit into their diets; they were encouraged to track fruits, vegetables, and daily physical activity into the provided log.

In addition to learning the benefits of healthy eating and regular activity, the class also discussed potential barriers to achieving these goals, such as a spouse’s  food preferences or the price of groceries.

During the next session, participants will share progress, discuss obstacles, and move forward toward completing the program.

Learn more about Nutrition Education at the Food Bank of Delaware by clicking here!




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