Greenwood CHEER Center seniors learn practical tips for a healthier lifestyle

March 9, 2023

March is National Nutrition Month. A group of 16 seniors at the Greenwood CHEER Center are completely engaged in learning practical tips for making healthier lifestyle and food choices. They have set goals for increasing physical activity and eating more vegetables and fruit through the Food Bank of Delaware’s 4-week Eat Smart Live Strong program. And they’ve had some fun during the free hour-log, interactive classes are presented by Alicia, one of our Community Nutrition Educators.

She launched the third session of the series with some gentle, low-impact warm-up activities; students had the option of participating from a chair or standing. “Exercise is a key component,” Alicia said, noting that 30 minutes of daily activity “builds strength, improves strength and flexibility. It’s very important in case of a fall,” she said. Some students shared how they incorporated functional activities – such as vacuuming – into their exercise plans.

Students also shared how they were able to include two cups of vegetables and a cup and a half of fruit into their diets, and the day’s nutrition lesson offered an opportunity to make traditional classic dishes – such as macaroni and cheese, brown rice, and hamburgers – more nutritious and tasty  by adding some vegetables into the mix. Most were receptive to incorporating broccoli or carrots, for example, in order to reach their healthy lifestyle goals.




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