Food box delivery: A valuable resource for disabled neighbor

October 7, 2021

Rose, a resident of Wilmington, would like to work, but her long-time physical disabilities make her unable to hold a job. “I’m unable to work. I have always had back problems, so I had surgery had a rod put in my back and two plates in my neck,” she said.

Thanks to a new home delivery service provided by the Food Bank of Delaware, she no longer has to worry about how she will get food.

At age 60, she’s learned that medical interventions are not guaranteed to fix life-long problems. “I kept falling for no reason, so I had a bone density test because I was breaking bones all the time.” Those test results showed she has osteoporosis. Although she has a walker, a power chair, and a service chair, she still can’t drive or board a bus.

Using the power chair, Rose is able to use her SNAP – Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program — benefits, formerly known as food stamps, at a nearby store. “They don’t last me,” she said. So Rose dialed 211, a link to assistance resources. One of those resources is the Food Bank of Delaware, and Rose was signed up for a Healthy Pantry Box delivered to her door.

“I have a caregiver to help prepare the meals. My power chair has limitations,” she said. Rose’s chair doesn’t lift so that she can safely cook for herself.

“The program is great to have. So many people can’t work or they’re homeless, but they can’t afford to buy groceries,” she said.

To learn more about home delivery options from the Food Bank of Delaware, please click here.

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