Food box relieves stress, provides nourishment for homebound senior

December 3, 2021

Like many of our neighbors who are senior citizens, Kari struggles not just with a myriad of health problems, but also with lack of transportation, as well as the challenges of living off a monthly Social Security check. In spite of all the daily challenges, Kari maintains a positive attitude bolstered by knowing she will have a box of food from the Food Bank of Delaware delivered to her door each week.

Kari is 69 years old; poor health forced her into retirement. This Wilmington-area resident is relatively new in receiving services from the Food Bank; her counselor provided her with some resources.

“I get $1,400 a month in Social Security. After I pay my rent and for my phone – I’m by myself and I need a phone to stay in touch – I can’t always buy groceries. I’m diabetic, and I am supposed to eat five small meals a day. I’ve been living on ramen noodles, and my hair fails out. I get no protein,” Kari said.

Dealing with what she describes “as a weird health condition,” Kari has fallen, shattered an ankle, and was hospitalized for 81 days. “I’ve been disabled since 2013. They thought it was vertigo, but the medicine didn’t help. I’ve passed out on the side of the road.”

“I no longer drive, and I had to give up my car because I couldn’t keep up with the costs,” she added. “I seldom leave the house. I’ve had cancer, and I can’t move very well. I’m alone in this apartment.”

Her next door neighbors help by doing her shopping, and sometimes a friend will bring fruit – a real treat.

“I’m so thankful for the Food Bank. It’s been the biggest relief in a long time. It took so much stress of my head and my heart,” Kari said.

To learn more about home delivery services at the Food Bank, please click here.

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