Food Lion donation helps fuel kids

January 9, 2017

Thanks to a $10,000 donation from Food Lion through Feeding America, kids at Clayton Court Apartments won’t have to worry about being hungry after school.

Clayton Court Apartments is the newest site to participate in our pilot after-school grab and go meal.

Meal service began just before the holidays, and it’s already popular with both kids and their parents.

Dona Rothwell, Property Manager at Clayton Court is a champion for the children who live in her apartment complex.

“I didn’t realize how the children really look forward to it,” she explained. “Some of the children are really hungry.”

Thanks to the generosity of Food Lion, kids who live in the complex are able to stop by the rental office to grab a nutritious meal for consumption at home.

It’s convenient for both kids and their parents.

 Kids get off the bus and head straight to the rental office. Dona greets the children, “How was your day? Do you want something to eat?”

On the menu: a turkey and cheese sandwich, carrots and milk. The meals are neatly organized in the refrigerator, and Dona bags each item up for each child.

The group was excited as they waited for their meals. “I want it all,” said one little boy. Another shouted out an enthusiastic, “yay!”

Seventy kids live in the apartment complex, so Dona is sure that as more kids learn about the program, participation will increase.

Complex resident Villamarie has two children who participate.

“It’s been good,” she said. “They can come over here and grab it and go home.”

In addition to free meals, Dona also offers students the opportunity to check out books from the mini library in the community room.

Despite being the only person in the rental office, Dona is committed to making sure the children receive their meals.

“I make sure I do the most important things before meal time,” she pointed out.

She says the work is minimal.

“It’s good that the kids have the opportunity,” Dona said. “They are waiting for their parents to come home. Everyone can use a little help.”

Interested in serving free grab and go meals to children? New sites are currently being accepted! To learn more about the program, please contact Talie Regusme, Children’s Nutrition Program Coordinator, at

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