Home delivery service helps disabled widow’s family survive

July 22, 2022

Jessica, a 40-year-old resident, often struggles to deal with the challenges she continues to face, yet she is thankful for the box of food delivered to her door each week from the Food Bank of Delaware. Very thankful.

This Ellendale resident has been a widow for five years; stomach cancer claimed her husband. She’s had three major back surgery and expects to undergo another. “I have six screws, four rods, and two cages in my back right now,” Jessica said. “I guess I’m disabled; I’m in the process of filing for Social Security disability.”

Jessica previously lived in the Newark area, but after her last surgery she and her 18-year-old son had to move downstate to live with her mother.

“I signed up for the food delivery maybe nine months ago while I was up there. It is very beneficial, and it was one of the easiest things I’ve had to do. It’s so user-friendly, a couple of clicks, and it’s done, she said. “And the service itself, it’s great. The drivers are nice, and they let you know when they’re coming . . . good communication.”

She is able to create meals from the ingredients she receives. Although she may opt to sit while chopping due to physical challenges, Jessica said the food boxes provide enough for her to make dinners for her family. “I’m able to put things together. Yes, it’s been rough, but the food is very much appreciated.”

The Food Bank has partnered with Amazon and Door Dash to provide delivery to qualified clients. Delaware residents who need emergency food may pick up at our Healthy Pantry Centers. Visit https://www.fbd.org/home-delivery/ to learn more about this service.

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