Increasing costs crunch Dover grandmother’s budget

February 16, 2022

Dawn, a Dover grandmother, has a job in a local grocery store, but her paycheck doesn’t stretch to cover the cost of food for her family of six. Her grandson’s mother suggested Dawn reach out to the Food Bank of Delaware; she did and was able to sign up online for home delivery services through Amazon.

Dawn’s challenges are common for far too many working Delawareans. Families are oftentimes faced with difficult choices – buy groceries or pay for rent/mortgage or utilities.

Dawn’s regular expenses include a mortgage payment on their home, one she was able to buy through Habitat for Humanity. She also receives WIC benefits for the youngest grandchild, but continues to struggle. “The price of food increased and SNAP benefits decreased, and when it was so cold, my utilities increased too,” she said.

Thanks to Amazon, Dawn receives a box of food delivered to her front door each week. The supplemental groceries help to free up extra money in her budget so she can pay her bills.

To learn more about home delivery programming at the Food Bank of Delaware, please click here.


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