‘It helped me when I had nothing. I’m so appreciative’ – Wilmington resident

September 24, 2021

On a daily basis, our neighbor, Deborah, copes with ongoing challenges that most of us would consider more than daunting. At age 55, she’s disabled, has no means of transportation, and for a while, a motel room was her home.

Deborah relies on the Food Bank of Delaware for food, and she is especially appreciative of our home-delivery services. “I don’t drive, and I’ve moved again, but you [the Food Bank] have been there for me the whole time,” said the long-time Wilmington resident.

While she receives SNAP – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – benefits, formerly called food stamps, she still struggles to make ends meet. “Food stamps don’t last, and when you’re in a motel, it’s hard to get anywhere. I have to ask friends, and sometimes that works, but sometimes it doesn’t,” she explained.

“It means so much when you come to me with food,” Deborah said. She’s been dealing with mental health issues and Crohn’s disease since the 1980s, so she knows about disappointment and challenges, and the COVID-19 pandemic heightened her awareness.

“I have wondered where my next meal was coming from, and you guys were here. It helps so much. It’s difficult, and I struggle even to get out. I have a low immune system, so I had someone else go shopping for me, but that’s not always reliable,” she said. During the recent summer months, she was couldn’t tolerate the heat, plus coupled with mobility issues, made walking to a store out of the question – even if a store were nearby.

“I have no family; most of my family is deceased. It’s my friends, if I can depend on anybody. It’s very tough,” she added.

Deborah said she is able to cook, to prepare her own meals using the food box she has delivered to her door each week.  She said her mother taught her how to cook, and she knows how to “make food stretch. I’m so grateful for the Food Bank. It’s great food. It’s a wonderful program, and it helped me when I had nothing. I’m so appreciative.”

The Food Bank has partnered with Amazon and Door Dash to provide delivery to qualified clients. Delaware residents who need emergency food may also pick up at our Healthy Pantry Centers. To learn more about Food Bank programming, please click here.

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