Joyful culinary grad spreads positivity and love for cooking

February 25, 2019

There’s been much talk lately about sparking joy. Jasmine Johnson is someone who sparks joy.

She lights up the room with her excitement and love for life.

Since graduating from The Culinary School in August 2018, Jasmine has been sparking joy for her co-workers at Aramark.

Immediately upon graduation, she landed full-time employment with Aramark at the University of Delaware. You can tell she is passionate about what she does.  She’s already been promoted once.

“It’s about loving your job,” she says. “It’s great when you feel that way.”

What does she love about it?

“…The environment, the students, the people I work with,” she points out. “Overall, everyone has a good attitude. I brighten up the place. Wherever I go, I want to hear those words.”

Jasmine works in the Caesar Rodney Fresh Food Company located within the Caesar Rodney Complex at the University of Delaware.

“I get to cook all day. That’s awesome… that’s all I really want to do,” she says.

Jasmine likes working the make-your-own pasta station. “It’s busy, but it’s fun,” she says.

The training received at The Culinary School helped prepare her for employment at Aramark.

“They [Chef Instructors] motivated me a lot. And they taught me just the little things. ServSafe is super helpful,” she points out.

Looking back, Jasmine is uncertain where life would have taken her if she had not enrolled in The Culinary School.

“I might still be a stay-at-home mom,” she says. “It’s hard to say, you just don’t know.”

In addition to working full time at Aramark, Jasmine is also getting her new catering company, The Vibe Catering, off the ground.

To hone her business, she enrolled in West End Neighborhood House’s Launcher Program. The program is helping her develop a business plan, pricing and more. She will graduate from the 12-week program on April 9.

Recently she began promoting her business through Facebook and Instagram (@thevibecatering).

Jasmine is setting goals for her business. In two years, she hopes to cater at least two events per month.

Catering is not new for Jasmine. Prior to enrolling at The Culinary School, she worked for a Wilmington-based catering company.

Jasmine hopes to provide her customers with diverse offerings. “If you see something that you really want on your menu, I’m going to find a recipe to bring that to life,” she explains.

Some of her specialties include baked ziti and macaroni and cheese.

As she plans for future growth of her business, Jasmine envisions The Vibe being a full-blown event planning company.

The Vibe Catering emulates Jasmine’s positive outlook on life. Its mission is to “bring positive vibes and positive interactions.”

“If you can just touch one person by controlling your own energy, you don’t know how many other people you touched just by being kind,” she says. Through her smile and love for cooking, Jasmine is serving more than tasty dishes to those she feeds.

For students considering The Culinary School, Jasmine’s advice to them, “Oh my gosh. Just do it. It’s just full of great experiences, great people. It’s exciting.”

Interested in a career in the food service industry? Click here to learn more about The Culinary School! 






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