Kid C.H.E.F. at Word of Life Christian Center

August 10, 2016

By Joanna Scatasti, Communications Intern

A hefty 18 students attended Wednesday’s latest Kid C.H.E.F. class which took place at the Word of Life Christian Center in Newark.  Students learned about a variety of different grains and how they can incorporate them into a healthy diet.  Instructors drew a comprehensive diagram of a grain of rice up on the white board and explained why each part of the grain was important.  Some of these parts included bran, fiber, and germ.  Students even got to learn that not all sugar is sweet, and there are more sugars in our foods and our bodies besides the types we bake with!DSC_0248

On the menu was a brown rice vegetable stir fry, which students leant a hand in making.  After washing their hands and putting on some gloves, a group of five students got to measure out and pour some ingredients into a pan. The remaining students completed activities in their packets which further emphasized the lessons of the class. They then watched as the instructors added vegetables, brown rice, soy sauce and other seasonings.  When the meal was finished, students got to try their masterpieces.  They were very pleased with the turnout!DSC_0227

The Food Bank’s very own nutrition educators aid in teaching the course.  They bring their own knowledge in order to more effectively teach students how to maintain a healthy diet.  With interesting activities that gain students’ attention, students are able to learn more effectively which in turn gives a higher chance of healthy eating in the long term.

Instructors tap in to students’ previous knowledge in order to make the class run smoothly.  They ask questions about foods they eat in their everyday lives.  Raisin bran, for example, has a significant amount of grains.  Amanda Kopetsky, our Summer Nutrition Educator, used this well-known cereal in order to prove that whole grains are a lot easier to find than originally expected.  Little things like that make the class more enjoyable for students as well as puts things into perspective so that students can easily grasp what they’re being taught.DSC_0244


KID C.H.E.F. is a course where students learn through engaging activities and yummy food how to incorporate health into their daily lives.  To learn more about it, please click here!

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