L.O.G.I.C. Student Spotlight: Stanley Gatewood

March 13, 2024

By Gabby Fernandez, Communications Intern

Stanley and his fellow L.O.G.I.C. classmates are just weeks away from completing their program at the Food Bank! Since January, students have been undergoing hands-on training in the Newark warehouse, gaining valuable experience in operations and logistics. They’ve become proficient in operating warehouse machinery and have the chance to earn four certifications, including Certified Logistics Associate and Certified Logistics Technician credentials from the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council, as well as the OSHA-10 General Industry Certificate and Forklift Certification.

Stanley was introduced to the opportunity to participate in the LOGIC program and  saw this as a stepping stone to reaching his career goal of becoming a warehouse owner. He knew that this was a good place to start and that he would be able to fulfill his certifications. “I need this certification because it will help me look better on job applications,” he said.  

Stanley was intrigued by the forklift and learning the mechanics of how it works. He says that this is his favorite part of the program. While he entered the program with some prior knowledge, he saw it as a chance to deepen his expertise and broaden his horizons. 

As graduation approaches, Stanley is eager to apply his newfound skills in the real world. In five years he hopes to have secured a job in a warehouse in Middletown, where he hopes to climb up the ladder to reach his goal. Reflecting on his time at the program, Stanley encourages others to seize similar opportunities for growth and self-improvement. He highlights the support and encouragement from the staff at the Food Bank. “Everybody is nice and everybody is going to help you. They all smile and the food is good,” he said. 

Stanley is looking forward to starting this new chapter in his life with his new skills and certifications. He is confident in a better future for himself with the help of the LOGIC program. 


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