L.O.G.I.C. Student Spotlight: Tanya Bridwell

August 10, 2022

L.O.G.I.C. (Logistics, Operations, General Warehousing and Inventory Control) student Tanya Bridwell is nearing the end of our her 11-week training program and is grateful for the opportunity to attend class at the Food Bank of Delaware.

Tanya intially learned about the program through an email. At the time, she was working as a brand ambassador for a national window company and was looking for full-time employment with the company. An offer to be a senior sales person was presented to her and she decided to give it a try.

“I wanted to try it, but regretted it because I thought I loss the opportunity [to participate in the L.O.G.I.C. program],” she explained. “I was out door knocking and got a phone call about the program. It was meant to happen.”

Since June, Tanya and her classmates have been working under the guidance of Operations Instructor Joe Cunha to learn how to use major equipment like end riders, lift trucks, order pickers and pallet jacks. They train in the warehouse of the Food Bank of Delaware in Newark and students have the opportunity to receive four certifications – Certified Logistics Associate, Certified Logistics Technician, OSHA-10 and forklift. 

Tanya spent 20 years working in a factory/production setting, so she says L.O.G.I.C was an opportunity to further her career.

“My goal is always to be a better Tanya every day – a new day a new chance,” she points out. “The program is providing a better Tanya opportunity.” 

She says the program s helping to freshen her skills and build confidence.

“You can always learn new things,” she points out. “With my experience, [the program] has helped me understand a lot more. I can put the two and two together.”

In her prior jobs, she did not use warehouse equipment, so the training program is helping her learn how to maneuver equipment.

She admits to being afraid of the equipment at first, but Operations Instructor Joe Cunha has helped increase her confidence. Life skills training is also helping Tanya become a better version of herself.

“The program has opened me up enough where I am starting to look at avenues that I wouldn’t have looked at before,” she admits. “I am more of a behind the shadows to help people out than step forward…”

Tanya is stepping forward and is well on her way towards a new career. Last week she had a job interview and hopes to hear back this week!

“I really believe in this program,” she says. “I have mentioned it to multiple people.”

The next L.O.G.I.C. class at the Food Bank of Delaware’s Newark facility begins Monday, September 12. To learn more or to apply online for the free program, click here.


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