Make healthy food choices; try new foods

May 7, 2018

Food Bank educators make adventurous eating fun for kids

No surprise! The kids loved kiwi and grapefruit, but a taste of fresh lemon puckered their faces. At least they tried new and different foods, and that was part of the experience.

Nutrition educators from the Food Bank of Delaware presented interactive lessons about healthier eating to students at the Woodbridge Early Childhood Center last month.

The Food Bank partnered with Woodbridge School District for this program through a grant the school district received, and Woodbridge selected the Food Bank to provide the education about healthy food choices.

In addition to three grade-level student assemblies at the district’s Early Childhood Education, some students will participate in additional interactive nutrition-based classes. Every student received a nutrition education activity packet.

Using the MyPlate model during the assemblies, lessons focused on fruit and vegetables. My Plate is the USDA’s nutrition guidelines; it shows a place setting with the plate divided into five food groups.

Our educators – wearing our brand tie-dye shirts – encouraged youngsters not only to make healthier choices, but also to be brave about trying new foods.

“Food fuels our brains and our bodies,” said Sarah Sheppard, the Food Bank’s Milford Program Manager, speaking to second-grade students at the assembly. “Be brave and try new foods. Sometimes you might not like it the first time, but our tastes change.”

Gina told the students that a healthy plate is half filled with fruits and vegetables; the other half is protein and grains.

The highlight of the school assembly involved four students who participated in blindfolded – or eyes closed tightly – taste tests. They were asked to first explore texture and scent, then taste. The students were asked to guess what they had tasted, then rate whether or not they enjoyed the sample.

The reactions, of course, brought lots of laughter from the audience of peers.

In the next few weeks, our nutrition educators will be visiting other schools in the Woodbridge School District to spread the word about developing a healthy eating style.

Visit for more information on the Food Bank’s educational programs.

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