Mobile Pantry Spotlight: Warner Elementary

May 19, 2016

We love getting calls from the community about how our services are positively impacting Delawareans!

Last week we received a phone message from Candace Wilson (pictured), the Children and Families First Site Coordinator at Warner Elementary. She could not stop praising the Mobile Pantry Program!

Frank Coverdale, our Mobile Pantry Driver, and a team of volunteers from Capital One conducted an evening mobile pantry at the school last week. Candace described the entire process as “phenomenal.”

Through this program, our Kraft Foods Mobile Pantry vehicle travels to schools, organizations and communities to directly serve families in need. Some distributions are paired with an educational session. On this particular evening, Capital One associates presented an informative workshop on opening a savings account.

“Parents were really engaged,” Candace said. “Some of the parents even started giving tips on savings.”

She wanted to make sure the class focused on a topic that would be meaningful to parents and a good use of their time. Capital One hit a home run with this class, she said.

In addition to the class, Candace was also impressed by the process.

“Frank was prepared. Everyone chipped in. Capital One volunteers helped set up,” she said. “It was smooth sailing.”

The Mobile Pantry brings both shelf-stable and fresh foods to low-income Delawareans. Participants access the pantry by choosing foods best suited for their family. In addition to a pre-packed box of shelf-stable items, a variety of food is set up on tables, and participants “shop” for their most-needed items. At the end of the table, Frank stands with a scale weighing the supplemental items.

When they’ve reached their 35 additional pound limit, Frank yells, “BAM, you’re good!” If they’re under the total, he sends them back to pick up more items.

Participants also receive meats, fresh produce, dairy items and baked goods when they’re available.

Candace is already preparing for her next mobile pantry distribution.

“I can’t say enough about the staff,” she said. “I was impressed by the quality of the food and how it was packaged. It was great.”

Warner Elementary School participants received not only the shelf-stable food items, but also a case of chicken and fresh produce.

“This was an opportunity to give the parents the things they need,” Candace said. “Pride will keep you away from everything. They would not have other means if it wasn’t for the mobile pantry… A couple were in tears. They were just so excited.”

Candace recommends the Mobile Pantry program to all Delaware schools. “It’s a win win. I don’t even know why a school would be reluctant,” she said.

Want to host the Mobile Pantry in your community? To learn more, please click here.

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