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June 24, 2022

We are grateful for partnerships with Amazon and DoorDash who help us make home deliveries to families without transportation or who might not be able to get to a food pantry for a variety of reasons. We know these partnerships are truly lifechanging for so many in our community. We recently sat down with some recipients of DoorDash deliveries, and here are their stories: 


The COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on Christine’s financial stability.  Although this Wilmington-area resident held a part-time position as a transportation worker, a driver for a corporate employer, the pandemic put her out of work for six months.

“I did get some food benefits, but I couldn’t keep up with paying my bills,” she said. “I was in dire straits.”

She’s now back at work, but her work schedule does allow time for her to pick up food from one of the Food Bank’s mobile pantries. Through a counselor, she learned about Door Dash home delivery options.

“This is great. I get regular delivery, so it’s very convenient. I can even track my delivery, and it’s very discreet,” she said.

Christine said the food she receives meets her needs. “I’m able to cook at home, and it’s a variety I can work with.”


Isabella is a stay-at-home mom to her 3-year-old son and her 9-year-old stepson. Like many of the families we serve, access to food is a real challenge. While her fiancé’ works nights as a temp, job opportunities may not always be accessible. The Food Bank’s new Door Dash home delivery service has been a huge help to this family, particularly after their EBT benefits took a hit.

“I’m so thankful for this. You don’t want to ask for help, but asking for help when you need it, there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s no shame in asking if you really need it,” Isabella said.

“I’ve gotten food [from the Food Bank] twice before COVID, and my stepson gets the backpacks. But when the boxes were dropped off, I said ‘We’re going to be OK.’,” she said. “You really helped when I needed it.”

For this family, the food – coupled with the delivery service – helps the entire household. “There is enough for everybody,” said Isabella. And she notes that the food selection is appealing as well. “Those instant mashed potatoes taste like the real thing. We can actually eat things. It’s great.”


Hope, a Wilmington resident, is struggling. A former teacher, she’s now physically disabled due to back issues, but she’s on her own raising two granddaughters, age 19 months and 6 years. “I never thought I’d be in this situation,” she said.

She receives food for her family from the Food Bank of Delaware delivered to her door, thanks to a partnership with Door Dash.

Like many of the people we serve, Hope’s problems are compounded by a lack of transportation. “I have to rely on rides. The bus is out of the question because of my disability; it’s a mile away.”

Although Hope receives SNAP benefits, they aren’t enough to sustain her family.  Her oldest granddaughter – now in kindergarten – gets a Food Bank backpack, or weekend meals, each Friday.

“This has been such a blessing. I am grateful that I can get it,” Hope said.


Nearly everyone has been hit by increased gas prices, and the escalating cost of fuel impacts the price of food. And the struggle to make ends meet has an impact on neighbors who go to work every day . . . like Connie, who lives in Milford.

“I first found out about the Food Bank when I was out of work. I had gone to the mobile pantries,” she said. “I was out of work for three months.”

Connie was able to find a job, but “I’m not able to leave work now to go to the pantries,” she said. “I’ve gotten two deliveries from Door Dash. It’s helped a lot. It’s been a huge lifesaver because now – even if I had the money – I couldn’t go pick it up.”

She says she’s been pleased with the food that’s delivered to her door. “I’m able to cook at home, and I can work with the food in the box. It’s a great service, and I can see how it helps people a lot,” Connie said.

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