Nutritional New Year’s Resolutions

January 10, 2022

By Jaime Sherman, MS, LDN, Community Nutrition Educator – SNAP Ed

As the new year moves forward, many of us make resolutions with nutrition and physical activity in mind. Some want to start a new healthy journey, while others recognize that it’s a good time to re-evaluate – and improve upon existing habits. Below are some tips to help during this journey.

Choose a goal that is specific and attainable. Know what your ultimate goal is, and then make small changes to attain that goal slowly.

Focus on eating regular meals throughout the day that encourage the My Plate recommendations of: making half your plate fruits and vegetables, a quarter of the plate grains, and a quarter of the plate protein, with a serving of low fat or fat free dairy. Planning meals ahead of time to include each of these groups also helps you eat nutritiously on a budget. It allows you to focus on food already in your pantry or refrigerator/freezer, utilize food assistance benefits, coupons or store cards, and choose items that can last longer or make meals “stretch.”

Get Moving! Incorporate physical activity wherever you can. Even small steps like parking farther from the store, taking the stairs instead of the elevator and dancing around the house can help.

Remember, you do not have to do this alone. Include friends and family in this journey and utilize community resources as they are available to you.

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