Seniors learn about healthy lifestyles, food choices in recent classes

October 25, 2017

It’s never too late to learn something new – especially health lifestyle hacks! Senior citizens can be the most enthusiastic students in the Food Bank of Delaware’s classes.

In a recent class, six senior students were encouraged to make small changes in their eating and exercising habits during a four-part class called Eat Smart, Spend Less.

The classes, held at our Milford branch, were open to Kent County people over the age of 60 who receive monthly meal boxes sponsored by the Palmer Home Foundation. 

Each class addressed nutrition and exercise, and our instructor provided a recipe prepared and sampled during the hour-long session. The information was useful, students said.

They reviewed the need to eat fresh produce (both vegetables and fruit) to “maintain intestinal regularity and possibly prevent or delay health problems.” The seniors also learned to prepare produce with easy-to-do, healthy recipes.

Class participants were encouraged to participate in 30 minutes of moderate exercise every day to “maintain balance, prevent falls, reduce stress and anxiety, and maintain strong bones.”

Students agreed: exercise helped them feel more energetic. The group participated in gentle stretching exercises before preparing an easy-to-prepare, healthy smoothie.

Each student also received a log to set weekly goals.

While blending the smoothie ingredients (mostly yogurt and berries), students received tips on how to save money: Buy in bulk; grown your own vegetables; shop farmers’ markets when possible; use canned and frozen vegetables, and sign up for assistance programs. 

To learn more about the Senior Nutrition Program, please click here. For other Food Bank of Delaware programs, please click here

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