So Long, Friends; The end of my Internship

August 12, 2016

By Joanna Scatasti, Communications Intern

For the past week I’ve been in total denial about the end of my internship. Where has the time gone? I started here in mid-June as a super nervous, socially awkward intern who, even after being introduced to everyone in the office, knew nobody’s name.  Now I’m a less-nervous, more outgoing intern who still struggles with employees’ names but is more confident in her abilities as a whole! If there’s anything that I have taken away from this internship, besides the significant amount of experience needed to excel, it’s more confidence.  I’m confident in my writing, I’m confident in my interpersonal skills, and most importantly, I’m more confident in myself.  This internship has proved to be more valuable than I initially thought, and for that I am eternally grateful.

I was welcomed with open arms by every employee at the Food Bank, and as my time here progressed, I was so very lucky to have been able to form relationships that will hold a special place in my heart for the rest of my life.  When I think of an intern, at least, I always have been led to believe that their only job is to get coffee and do the tasks that nobody else wants to do.  Well, my experience as an intern was much different, and I’m so grateful that Kim, my supervisor, provided me with the necessary experience I need to get a jump start in the career of my choice.

To everyone here at the Food Bank, thank you. Thank you for making me laugh, thank you for letting me bring in my pup, Lucy, and thank you (Barry) for pulling my car out of the ditch on the last day of my internship. (What a way to go out with a bang, am I right?) Without you all, I’m sure my summer wouldn’t have been filled with so much fun, laughter, and humbling experiences.

I owe y’all one!


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